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Regarded as one of the best-kept secrets in Australian Viticulture, Langhorne Creek is one of Australia's oldest and most significant wine regions. The area was founded on the broad flood plain influenced by the local Bremer and Angas Rivers and dominated by magnificent River Red Gums.

The name Langhorne Creek acknowledges Alfred Langhorne, a cattle drover, who brought animals overland to a property known as Langhorne's Station during the 1840s. The place where Alfred Langhorne traversed the Bremer River was referred to as Langhorne's Crossing, and from this the current name Langhorne Creek evolved.

Frank Potts travelling through the region, recognised the potential of the area and settled in 1850 on the ancient flood plain. He planted the first grapes in the district in the 1860s at the now heritage listed Bleasdale Winery.

The wine region has a proud history of family owned and run vineyards and wineries with the oldest existing vine platings being 113 year old Shiraz on the historic Metala property. These vines still produce premium wine grapes for Metala Black Label wines and their own label Brothers in Arms.

The region orginally supported quite a small yet prosperous wine industry alongside other agricultural ventures such as dairy, cereal, lucerne, fruit (including currants and sultanas), almonds, beef and wool. The total area planted to vines stabilised at approximately 440 hectares in the early 1990s until the secret was discovered. The region has since experienced vast growth in viticulture and now boasts almost 6000 hectares of vineyards supplying the Australian wine industry with consistent premium quality fruit and Langhorne Creek branded wines.


Langhorne Creek wineries and wines have achieved numerous successes at both Australian and International wine shows and continue to achieve tremendous success in the show arena. The show record (trophies and medals) of Langhorne Creek predominant wines has often been written as being the best of any single viticultural district in Australia.

Langhorne Creek fruit has been the secret ingredient in several Jimmy Watson trophy winners. The first Jimmy Watson in 1962 was awarded to Stonyfell's Metala wine, and the feat of Wolf Blass achieving three successive Jimmy Watson trophies in 1973, 1974 and 1975 highlights this statement.

The region is also attracting national and world acclaim for its innovative and dedicated approaches to water resource management through the local Angas Bremer Water Management Committee.