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Langhorne Creek Grape and Wine is thrilled to be coordinating the inaugural Langhorne Creek Wine Show.  After 10 years of serving our apprenticeship with the Langhorne Creek Wine Showcase and with entries increasing, the small step to become an official wine show has finally been taken.

Our Wine Showcase has been judged by some of the best palates in the country and provided a great platform to benchmark Langhorne Creek wines.  The presentation of awards at the Langhorne Creek Winemakers’ Luncheon followed by the public Showcase Tasting has rapidly built into the biggest weekend on the Langhorne Creek calendar.

By moving to an official wine show we can only see this weekend growing, with the awards gaining ever increasing prestige, recognition and publicity.  Most importantly, our aim is to help drive the quality of Langhorne Creek wines to even greater heights.

  • The judging will take place on Tuesday 29th and Wednesday 30th April with our three senior judges Nigel Dolan, Iain Riggs and Nick Ryan joined by two associate judges.
  • One of the new initiatives this year will be to allow multi-regional blends, containing a minimum of 25% Langhorne Creek fruit to enter the show (section 4).
  • We are also pleased to be awarding the inaugural Langhorne Creek Vigneron of the Year award which will sit along-side our other prestigious awards, Champion Wine and Wine Producer of the Year.
  • This year will also see for the first time a section for museum and fortified wines to be entered.
  • An informal ‘meet the judges’ evening will be held on Tuesday 29th April at Lake Breeze Wines.
  • The trophy winning wines will all be featured at the 2014 Winemakers' Luncheon on Friday 2nd May.
  • All wines from the wine show will be made available for tasting on Sunday, 4th May at the Langhorne Creek oval in the grand marquee. The exhibitors tasting will commence at 10am with the public invited from 11am.

We look forward to your support of the inaugural Langhorne Creek Wine Show and wish you success with your wines this year.


Greg Follett

(Wine Show Coordinator)


ENTRY:     Friday, March 14th.

DELIVERY: Deliver to Lake Breeze Wines, 319 Step Rd, Langhorne Creek SA 5255 by Friday, April 11.

JUDGING: Tuesday, April 29th and Wednesday, April 30th at the Langhorne Creek Memorial Hall.

PRESENTATION OF AWARDS: Langhorne Creek Winemakers' Luncheon Friday, May 2nd.



ENTRY FORM can be downloaded here.

CONDITIONS OF ENTRY can be downloaded here.

2014 FULL WINE SHOW CATALOGUE can be downloaded here.

2014 WINNERS can be downloaded here.

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