Experience the wonders of the Langhorne Creek wine region throughout August.

The region will be featuring a Cellar Treasures month long program this August. This program will include the traditional two-day Cellar Treasures Rare and Museum wine weekend along with a mixed bag of all things classic and museum, food and wine, art and music.

Something for everyone to see just how good Langhorne Creek wines and fortifieds are as well as a great time for visitors to create their own treasured memories of the region.

Events, tastings and bookable experiences are available throughout the month. From a degustation dinner, bespoke tours, art, or a touch of live music to structured masterclasses, each cellar door will host their own unique experience to leave you with treasured memories from Langhorne Creek.

This event is proudly supported by the Alexandrina Council.

Cellar Treasures 2022 Program

august, 2023

june, 2023