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Langhorne Creek Grape & Wine Inc. is the regional association formed to represent the wine grape growers & wine producers of the Langhorne Creek wine region. Acting as a leadership & advocacy group for members, our vision is for a sustainable wine region providing recognised value & quality to its grape purchasers & wine consumers.

Membership Fees

The member subscription fee payable by an entity eligible as a Grapegrower Member, a Winemaker Member or a Grapegrower & Winemaker member is $75

What we do:

  • Represent members on all matters relating to the wine industry at all levels of industry, corporate and government
  • Market Langhorne Creek as a region of distinction to national and international wine markets
  • Provide advocacy, technical, research and business support for all members; from viticulture through to winemaking and tourism/wine promotion.
  • Liaise with local and state agencies regarding infrastructure issues, including planning, roads, energy
  • Create opportunities for members to market and promote their product through organised events and ongoing national and international regional profiling initiatives
  • Provide weekly email newsletter and email bulletin updates.
  • Have a dedicated members area of our website which houses up to the minute industry information
  • Promote industry development through research, education and training opportunities
  • Assist local businesses to source and apply for appropriate funding through a number of Government channels.
  • Explore market development & export initiatives
  • Through initiatives such as the Langhorne Creek Wine Show and the Vine Improvement Committee, LCGW encourages and promotes excellence in the production of wine grape growing and wine production
Associate Membership

A variety of partnership marketing opportunities are available for local businesses within  and associated with the  Langhorne Creek Region . These initiatives provide tourism and business operators with the opportunity to market and promote their product collaboratively within LCGW  marketing mediums that will increase your company’s reach, these marketing mediums include both digital and print.

Membership Fees

The fee payable by a member eligible as an Associate Member is $150 (plus GST).

All Associate Members receive the following benefits:

  • A listing on including logo, image and link to own website
  • Promotion of events and calendar listing on
  • Opportunities to participate in regional events, launches and celebrations where applicable
  • Invitations to participate in workshops and other educational opportunities
  • Advertising opportunities in publications produced by LCGW
  • Opportunities to host international delegations and wine industry identities when applicable
Membership Eligibility

Membership Eligibility

A Grapegrower Member is any person or entity directly involved in the production of wine grapes in Langhorne Creek.

A Winemaker Member is any person or entity producing a Langhorne Creek branded wine, or producing wine in Langhorne Creek or from Langhorne Creek fruit.

An Associate Member shall be a person or corporation who does not qualify for membership under the Association’s winemaker and grapegrower member categories, but is interested in the objects of the Association and agrees to be bound by its rules.

An Associate member shall have no voting rights or rights to be elected to the committee, but shall have the right to receive notice of and attend and speak at general meetings of the Association

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