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Langhorne Creek 5255

Whether you’re employed by an established wine company or running your own show Langhorne Creek Grape and Wine want to support you to make wine, in your own style from our grapes.

Langhorne Creek 5255 is a collaborative project between growers and winemakers from Langhorne Creek to support three winemakers or wine businesses to make a wine from Langhorne Creek fruit – on us!

We all know that wine is closely bound to a sense of place so we’re looking for winemakers who would like to explore Langhorne Creek as a region to source quality fruit.

We’ll give you up to two tonnes of the variety you select so you can express your take on the terroir of the Creek. We’ll give you access to talented people including viticulturists and winemakers, to help you with your grape selection and introduce you to the unique characteristics of our region.

The wine that is made should be labelled under your own label with your own artwork, but the Langhorne Creek 5255 logo must be included on your front label  as well as the region.

The wine must be 100% Langhorne Creek fruit.

“Development and delivery of this program is one part of the South Australian Wine Industry Development Program as administered by SAWIA and is only possible from the support and funding provided by the South Australian Government through Primary Industries and Regions SA”

Project sponsored by:


Who are you?

To be eligible to participate in Project 5255, you will need to meet the following criteria:

  • You must have a Producer’s Licence
  • You could have your own label. Start-up or established. We don’t mind.
  • You may be a winery or winemaker based in another Australian region who has never used fruit from the Creek before under your label.
  • You must make a sound, finished wine, labelled with Langhorne Creek 5255 that can find a place in the market.

What we will provide

  • Up to 2 tonnes of fruit of your selection from the supplied list
  • Maturation facility if required
  • Access to sound used barrels
  • Dry goods sponsored by Vinpac
  • Assistance with bottling costs by project sponsor Vinpac
  • Assistance with small batch winemaking if needed
  • Access to talented people – viticulturists, winemakers and marketers who know Langhorne Creek like the back of their hand. They can assist you with advice and support from grape to glass.
  • 2-day famil fully funded in region to get your head around who we are and what we make. This includes spending time tasting through barrel samples, meals, overnight accommodation and maybe even a trip down the Coorong.
  • A ticket to the Langhorne Creek Wine Show lunch and tasting
  • Complementary entry into the Langhorne Creek Wine Show for your 5255 wine
  • The chance to have the wine stocked at Edinburgh Cellars
  • Public tasting of your wine at Edinburgh Cellars
  • Publicity! Our PR agents, Ball PR make sure we get our project into people’s hearts and minds and that it will captures folk’s imaginations

Essential Criteria

  • The recipient must have a producers’ licence
  • Part of the project is that you must have the Langhorne Creek 5255 logo on your front label with a minimum size of 1.5 cm. It can be incorporated in amongst your own branding.
  • The wine must have” Langhorne Creek” (GI) on the front label
  • The wine must be made from 100% Langhorne Creek fruit
  • Must use social media and hashtags to support the project
  • Must be willing to have progress reported on Langhorne Creek’s social media
  • Should provide photographic/video material (phone footage is fine) during the production process
  • Must be willing to participate in videos, photoshoots and social media opportunities as directed by Langhorne Creek Grape and Wine to support the project
  • Must meet grower and be present at harvest
  • Wines should be sold for at least $20 for whites and $25 for reds.
  • All wines should be complete, sound, bottled and ready for tasting and release by July 2021 at the latest.

Varieties we have available

Cabernet Sauvignon
Cabernet Franc
Petit Verdot
Sauvignon Blanc
Pinot Gris
Organic Malbec
Organic Chenin Blanc



Fill in our document (attached) with the following details:

  • Your Producers Licence Number
  • Tell us a bit about yourself.
  • Why would you like to be involved in this project?
  • What grapes would you be interested in from the list. Feel free to name a red and a white
  • What styles of wine would you like to make from this fruit?
  • What do you know about Langhorne Creek?

We’ll get together a short list of applicants so we can meet you and discuss your application.

We’ll be announcing the recipients at the end of November, so we ask you to apply by the 15th of November.

Need more information? Contact or call Marina on 0409673230

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